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Our Solution

  Imagine Your Teams:   

  • Co-operating with amazing confidence
  • Knowing clearly where they’re going
  • Communicating authentically with a strong team spirit

With team coaching, we are acting in the work environment with the work itself to streamline teamwork for best performance and achieving amazing results.    

Why Team Coaching?

Constructing and building new teams (teambuilding) tends to be dealt with off-site out of the work environment, and involves activities more suited to building relationships than to getting the job done. This is partly because individuals in newly formed groups are too busy with natural, unconsciously-mediated group dynamics to concentrate on cooperating or doing productive work.   
With team coaching, we are acting in the work environment with the work itself to streamline teamwork for best performance and achieving amazing results. 

The Argument

Getting people to work effectively together can often be frustrating and difficult, due to the complexities of group dynamics and working relationships. Everyone is super busy, especially team leaders. Workloads are maxed out and information overload and distractions are rife. 
Maintaining focus and clarifying priorities have become more and more complicated in recent times. Most team members are good people who just sometimes don't see eye to eye. They may be doing what they believe is right but not necessarily what the company needs. They may find certain conversations hard to deal with in the absence of efficient skills for the job.  

Our Approach

We help team members identify what they actually DO. This often does not match with what they think they do, or believe they should do. 
They also get to identify what is required of them, and compare that to what they believe is required of them. Reconciling any mismatch frequently becomes the core of our work. Enabling the team to achieve that often centres on improving relationships, resolving differences and conflicts and building influencing and interpersonal competencies. Often only then are they able to clarify and agree direction, priorities and how best to play to their strengths.   
Our approach to working with teams is always tailored to their specific situation, and takes the general structure of:   
Phase 1: Needs analysis, fact finding, aims & objectives 
Phase 2: Interviewing stakeholders, building trust, testing assumptions, diagnostic reporting 
Phase 3: Revising assumptions, developing and agreeing solutions, creating action plans 
Phase 4: Interventions, establishing operating ground rules, working with the whole team in the room, applying our intervention toolkit with the team, building long-term sustainable capability 
Phase 5: Evaluation, revisiting and evaluating action taken, re-cycling to phase 3 if needed, identifying next steps 
Phase 6: Exit phase: Objectives met, lessons learned, planned maintenance reviews   As part of Phase 2, where appropriate, we sometimes recommend a personal working preferences profile for each team member. There are many tried and tested products available, most of them taking slightly varying perspectives on personality and psychological aspects of the individual. 
Team Management Systems (TMS) researched and discovered a pattern in the range of tasks or work types identifiable in all team contexts, and measured individuals’ preferences for each of them. One of the most widely researched measures available today, TMS helps to build solid mutual understanding between team members, is an accurate predictor of team behaviours, and a reliable guide to individuals’ communication, influencing and learning preferences. 
As a pragmatic foundation for building team cohesion, in three decades of use, we have never known it to fail.  


We make it easy for teams and individuals to:   

  • Build best possible working relationships.
  • Find Focus out of distraction and overwhelm 
  • Grow and verify mutual understanding when they communicate.
  • Agree on priorities and think creatively together. 
  • Meet challenges with energy, flexibility and inventiveness Identify and take action to learn what they need to learn. 
  • Manage critical meetings and take action  

Team Coaching clients

  • BAE Systems Salaam Project Team
  • UNHCR Global Systems Project Team
  • Bentley Motors 
  • Crown Prosecution Service (Greater Manchester, UK) 
  • International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) 
  • OCS Group Region 1 (UK) Executive Board 
  • UK Environment Agency North East Regional Management Team 
  • NHS Torbay Care Trust 
  • South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Adult Care Services Rochdale Metropolitan Borough  

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